We think it’s a great way to promote non-smoking plus its nice to be able to play in venues without all of the cigarette smoke lingering all night. “ – Spacebyrdz


Spacebyrdz is the culmination of 7 years of hard work from Alex Clark and Oscar Molina. The duo is a mainstay in the Vegas nightlife community and has recently taken it beyond just performances to the business side by starting their own label: Riff Raff.

Spacebyrdz currently have releases out on Mexa Records, Sketchbook, MBF, Elite Records, Systematic Recordings, Zero Digital and of course their own label, Riff Raff. The duo has three releases currently in the works: “Ali Khat” (Riff Raff), “Too Close” (Mexa), and “Your Planet” (MBF).

Clark and Molina have worked with Sen5es a lot lately and while we can’t claim all the credit for it, the two former smokers have been smokefree for 6 months now. Spacebyrdz have decided to live healthier lives and enjoy not being surrounded by smoke at Sen5es events.

You can catch Spacebyrdz live every Friday at Posh Starting March 2nd, at The Vanguard Lounge on March 3rd and this Spring they’ll be performing at Le Thai downtown. They have a huge release coming up on Mexa Records, one of the hottest new labels out there. Aside from their tunes, keep your eyes peeled for big releases from Riff Raff this year, including some limited vinyl music from the likes of Mikael Stavostrand and Dave Scuba with a remix by Mr. C.

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