Every Month, Sen5es recognizes smokefree leaders and DJs in the Vegas nightlife industry.

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Featured Smokefree DJ


DJ Kid Funk

“Sen5es has given me the opportunity to open for DJ’s and producers that I look up to, and for that I am grateful. I always try to show my support, and promote a smokefree environment everywhere I go by wearing a Sen5es shirt or even a bracelet to my gigs.” – Kid Funk For all of you who [...]



“We think it’s a great way to promote non-smoking plus its nice to be able to play in venues without all of the cigarette smoke lingering all night. “ – Spacebyrdz   Spacebyrdz is the culmination of 7 years of hard work from Alex Clark and Oscar Molina. The duo is a mainstay in the [...]


Teen Wolf

Bryan “Teen Wolf” Orellana lives up to his moniker; he has been making some straight up beastly club hits since the age of 17.


DJ M!ke Attack

DJ M!keattack is an underground, party DJ turned club favorite.


DJ Stellar

DJ Stellar gets around. Fear not, no testing required, but this DJ extraordinaire is all about keeping it local…


DJ Bad Beat

Specializing in electro, house and progressive, Las Vegas’ own Bad Beat has been doing his thing for a solid decade now…

Featured Smokefree Leader


Lisa Herr

Lisa Herr embodies everything about the smokefree & sexy Vegas nightlife. She has worked in just about every aspect of the entertainment business…


Richard Alexander

For those of you who may not know who Richard Alexander is, there are better than average odds that you are familiar with his work.


Michael Crandall

Michael Crandall is the Director of Business Affairs for The Siegel Group Nevada Inc., and oversees nightlife for several boutique hotels in Vegas.


Eric Ita

Working out of Las Vegas, by way of West Africa, Eric Ita is this month’s Sen5es Industry Leader for his amazing, beautiful and often incredibly sexy photography.