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Thanks But No Thanks

Politics can be a dirty game. Money talks and nonsense walks but things have a way of getting sticky when campaigns get shady donations. Every politician needs financial backing to run a campaign. Advertising and travel aren’t cheap, so they all rely on 3rd party supporters to donate money to [...]


Cigarette Burns Eye

We all know the dangers associated with smoking: lung cancer, heart disease and even impotence among others. With all the long-term health issues smoking creates we often overlook the short-term dangers.


Low Nicotine Cigs May Make Quitting Easier

Quitting sucks. Just ask anyone who’s ever tried. Nicotine has a strangle hold on smokers that is so incredibly tough to break that most smokers aren’t able to successfully quit on their first try. Not only is there a strong chemical addiction to nicotine that the body has a hard time shaking [...]


$47.7 Million To Save $1

Big tobacco spends $47.7 million to save a buck…kind of.


Pipes and Ciagrs Gain Popularity & Taxes Lose

Nobody can deny it. Big tobacco is really good at reading between the lines. In the newest legal loophole used by big tobacco, the federal government is reporting a tax loss of up to $1.1 billion thanks to the increasing popularity of pipes and cigars.


E-Cig Explodes…In Someone’s Face

Everyone knows that smoking isn’t safe. Even electronic cigarettes have their risks; while they contain fewer chemicals than a normal cig, they have higher amounts of nicotine per puff and make quitting tough even though they’re marketed as a “healthier” alternative to traditional smoking. [...]


Money Well Spent

Despite the country being in a state of recession, funding is still allocated both federally and locally for healthy lifestyle promotions. The largest amount of money goes to anti-smoking advertising and has for some time now. With tough economic times upon us, we’ve seen the amount of money given [...]


(un)Flavor(ed) Country

Apple-flavored tobacco will no longer be available in the Big Apple. A federal district court judge upheld a city ban that prohibits the sale of all flavored tobacco products (except cigarettes), with the exception of menthol and mint-flavored products.


Tobacco Strikes Out

For as long as the game dates back, baseball has had a love affair with tobacco.


Roll-Your-Own Success Has Dangerous Implications

In a never-ending attempt to make tobacco seem desirable and more importantly, cool, savvy…

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