What is SEN5ES?

Living, Working & Partying Smokefree & Sexy

SEN5ES promotes living, being and breathing smokefree and sexy. We focus on the nightlife industry, encouraging both partiers and venues to support smokefree lifestyles. Smokefree partiers look, smell, taste and feel better, that's why being smokefree is good for the senses.

Just like most other party capitals in the world, we believe Sin City would be a better place to live and party smokefree.

If you want to help, contact us: info@sen5eslv.com


We focus our message and efforts on events, especially at bars and nightclubs. Today, the majority of young adults in Las Vegas do not smoke. However, Vegas bars and clubs are full of smoke. Not only does this make it hard for a current smoker to quit, it also exposes non-smokers to significant amounts of secondhand smoke and encourages some non-smokers to start smoking. This is why smokefree events are so important to us.


People already know that smoking is bad for them, so we don’t worry too much about telling people health facts. Instead, we focus on two strategies:

Educate people on lesser-known facts about tobacco and the tobacco industry (such as the industry’s target advertisements towards young adults , their affect on global deforestation, etc.);

Create a positive and desirable image for living smokefree.

We achieve both of these strategies through our events, magazine, trainings, sponsorships, videos, and more.
By creating successful events with Las Vegas’ most trendsetting industry people, we show the community that no matter what their identity is, they can achieve it better by living fresh and smokefree. Check out what events we have coming up and see our strategy in action by clicking here.


SEN5ES is only able to cause change in Las Vegas because of its supporters.

Volunteers, promoters, models, dancers, entertainers, celebrities, venue managers, and party-goers all help us cause change by working with us or simply showing up to our events. Every month, we also identify local industry leaders and local DJs that live smokefree and help us promote smokefree lifestyles. If you want to join the SEN5ES movement or just have a question, don’t be shy. Contact Us.


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